About Us

With over 20 years experience we are business consultants who are doing the same thing you are, attracting new customers and preparing for day to day business. We focus on the markets you need and focus on and target markets that needs to be grabbed.

Evil Monkey Company prides itself on focusingĀ on small business, and thrives on making them successful plus we have already have a huge network of businesses just like yours that we can introduce you to.

No matter how large, or small, or non-profit the company is, E.M. Company can help you right away with all of you needs, in fact we have many businesses of our own that we push. We are not just a consultant firm that only knows what you should and shouldn’t do without doing it ourselves, we are actually in the trenches and have made all the mistakes for you so that you will not duplicate those same processes.

Joining our network can give you all the advantages you need for success with out randomly picking a company that may, or may not help you, why take the risks when we are here to give you the suggestions on why, and why not certain business decisions work.